Data leakage channels detection

Electromagnetic field detectors and radio monitoring

raksa120_frontThe electromagnetic field detectors and radio monitoring equipment are designed to search the sources of electromagnetic radiation from surveillance devices (eavesdropping devices), such as radio microphones (Bugs); telephone bug transmitters; radio-stethoscopes; hidden wireless video cameras; radio beacons; tracking devices; unauthorized use of GSM and DECT cellular phones; unauthorized use of Bluetooth and 802.11 (WLAN, WiFi) devices.

Hidden cameras detectors

Arcam2Selena Electronics professional camera detectors are the unique leading-edge TSCM equipment. The operating principles are based on evaluation of electromagnetic radiation of camera’s matrix (not of the transmitter) for ARCAM or light reflection or «return flare» for VORON, that allows remotely location of any active or switched off cameras, regardless of their means of disguise or their video transmission method.

Multi purpose search devices

piranha-box_nfST 031M PIRANHA is multifunctional device, designed for detection of covert surveillance devices transmission channels. Technical capabilities and characteristics of the detector allow user to find almost all hazardous types of surveillance equipment, as well as define possible threats of data leakage. The detector has the best “price/capabilities” ratio among same class devices of the.

Non-linear junction detectors


Non-linear junction detectors (Semiconductor device detectors) are used to detect covert surveillance devices mounted in building structures, furniture or other interior features. The working principles of NLJDs provide the possibility of sweeping for electronic devices, regardless of whether they are active (turned on) or inactive. Moreover the detection of individual p-n junctions, meaning single diodes, is also possible.

Optoelectronics equipment

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Our state-of-art optoelectronics equipment was designed especially for sensitive operations including round the clock surveillance through thermal and low-light TV channels and for detection of optical and electro-optical devices with their coordinates and distance measurement, observation, target acquisition and range finding.

Multichannel audio logging systems

Professional Audio Recorders
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The compact digital voice recorder “reCARDer” has been created especially for professional audio recording. The recorder is designed to be identical to a standard smart or HID card, only 1.6 mm thick. The device has neither buttons nor connectors, thus allowing you to disguise it as a bank card, badge or electronic key.

Counter terrorism equipment

Nowadays, the threat of terrorist attacks is becoming increasingly important, which requires major technical equipment to prevent them. Selena Electronics presents the latest modern anti-terrorism equipment, aimed at the inspection of various suspicious devices and successfully applied in practice in defense and law enforcement agencies in different countries.