• Able to operate in one of the frequency ranges and in both of them simultaneously
• High frequency of probing signal (above GSM band)
• Detection of a standard SIM-card at 1m distance
• Automatic low noise frequency selection
• Automatic and manual modes of changing probing signal power
• Wireless headphones
• Safe to operate (power density within the operator’s zone does not exceed 3,0 mW/cm2)

Product Description

The Lornet-0836 is the double probing frequency non-linear junction detector that combines two detectors at different frequencies: of one transmitter is 790 MHz, and another is 3600 MHz.

Therefore the device has undeniable advantage over single-frequency devices due to:

• it is better to detect small-sized and high-frequency semiconductor devices at high frequency (and vice versa);
• it is better to work in wet ground and concrete walls at low frequency;
• two antennas with wide (at low frequency) and narrow (at high frequency) direction diagrams enable to evaluate the situation first (at low frequency) and then to detect an object precisely using high frequency.

The Lornet-0836 is designed for a quick and reliable location of unauthorized electronic devices during investigation operations and identifying of miniature electronic devices on a considerably safe distance, which is important operating with suspicions objects. An embedded parabolic antenna with high gain (20dB at 3600MHz) enables highly precise detection of semiconductor components from a long distance (up to 10m). Laser pinpointing enhances localization accuracy of the found object.

High signal operating frequency range makes Lornet 0836 capable of detecting semiconductors covered by various materials or through slits and holes, ungrounded shielding, and etc. by means of reflection from a smooth surface.


Product specifications

Type of a probing signal Pulse
Probing signal frequency range 789.5 – 791.5 MHz
3581.5 – 3607.5 MHz
Maximum radiated peak power Pulse (duty ratio 280) 18 W
Pulse (duty ratio 20) 6 W
Probing signal power attenuation 20 dB (11 steps)
Receiver sensitivity -110 dBm
Dynamic range 30 dB
Angle of antenna directivity diagram (at 1st / 2nd / 3rd harmonics) 16 / 8 / 4 grade
Power supply Li-Ion rechargeable battery
Continuous operation time Pulse (duty ratio 280) 2.5 h
Pulse (duty ratio 20) 1.5 h
Dimensions 305х305х280 mm
Weight ready for operation 1 kg