• Automatic and manual modes of power change of the probing signal
• Low output power (1 W in continuous wave carrier mode)
• Automatic low noise frequency selection
• 18 mm thick antenna allows to scan hard-to-reach objects
• Easy-to-operate
• Ergonomic design, small dimensions and weight
• Wireless headphones

Product Description

The Lornet NLJD is capable of detecting wide variety of electronic devices containing semiconductor elements, such as covert audio/video surveillance devices, microphone amplifiers, audio-recorders, remote control eavesdropping devices, and etc., regardless of whether they are turned on or off. The Lornet is fitted with LED panel for 2nd and 3rd harmonics levels indication. Furthermore, the 2nd and 3rd harmonics levels can be estimated via the built-in speaker or wireless headphones to evaluate parametric impacts (e.g. knocking) on the suspicious object.

The frequency selection system automatically choose the minimum noise frequency channel for 2nd harmonics, while the digital processing of a demodulated signal provides maximum sensitivity, making it easier to work in a complex electromagnetic environment.

The detector has 2 operating modes:
• continuous wave carrier mode (CW);
• pulse modulated carrier mode with a duty ratio 44.
That provides user with wide detection range and low «false» signals probability.

Product specifications

Type of a probing signal CW
Probing signal frequency range 890 – 891 MHz
Maximum radiated peak power CW 2 W
Pulse (duty ratio 44) 10 W
Probing signal power attenuation 20 dB (11 steps)
Receiver sensitivity -110 dBm
Dynamic range 70 dB
Power supply Li-Ion rechargeable battery
Continuous operation time CW 1.5 h
Pulse (duty ratio 44) 3.5 h
Dimensions ready for operation 1020х155х40 mm
standard packing 570х220х12 mm
Weight ready for operation 1 kg
standard packing 1.5 kg