NR-900EK3M EAGLE non-linear junction detector

• Extended detection range
• Electronic facilities localization in any operational mode: active, stand-by or even turned-off, installed behind walls, fences, etc
• Efficient use in search/reconnaissance missions
• Safe to handle, user-friendly interface
• Extended continuous operational time without battery replacement

Product Description

The NR-900EK3M EAGLE non-linear junction detector was designed for detection of electronics devices, including those that can be applied for IED activation system, concealed on the ground surface, slightly in the ground (snow), under the road pavement and within various facilities. It also allows detecting mines and explosive devices with pressure fuses and tripwire.

The NR-900EK3M EAGLE can detect the following:
• communicational transmitters & receivers as well as alarm and remote control system facilities;
• electronic and electromechanical timers;
• acoustic, magnetic, optoelectronic sensors and midget TV cameras;
• built-in metal-ware as well as hidden machinery and appliances;
• domestic electronic units and alpine skiing in snow traps.

The NLJD consists of a main electronic unit, an antenna module, and a power supply. In its normal operating mode the transceiver and power supply units are placed in pockets of the operator’s vest.
The antenna module is comprised of transmitting and receiving antennas covered in a plastic case, a control panel, and a handle. On the control panel there are five buttons each with a LED indicator to confirm certain operation modes and two LED-bar graph indicators for monitoring the returning 2nd and 3rd harmonic signal levels. A headphone is provided to monitor an audible output signal.

Product specification

Type of a probing signal Pulse
Probing signal frequency range 890-891 MHz
Output power average 0.15 W
peak 200 W
Receiver sensitivity -100 dBm
Receiver input signal attenuation -30 dB (3 steps x 10 dB)
Indication Audio (headphones) & LED display
Power supply Li-ion rechargeable bettery 7.4 V, 5.5 Ah
Start-up time, not less than 5 min
Continuous operation time 8 h
Operation temperature range -30ºC…+50ºC
Weight ready for operation 4.6 kg
standard packing 10.3 kg