• New non-linear junction detector NR-SOUND, ensuring sensitivity not worse than -140 dBm.
• Range of detection is comparable to the nonlinear detector NR900EK3M “Eagle”.
• The outstanding solution for the receiving tract provides the possibility of structure analysis of the reflected signal.
• For the first time the possibility of identifying and selecting of active electronic targets against a background of interfering noise generated by other electronic devices is realized.
• Modular design provides user with the possibility to operate the NR-900S in a compact hand-held version as well as using the sliding telescopic rod that allows scanning of the most hard-to-reach objects.

Product Description

Nonlinear junction detector NR-900S is designed for localization of electronic devices containing semiconductor components, such as mobile phones, electronic devices of information interception, audio and video recording, as well as electronic control systems for IEDs. The detector has a high level of noise immunity that enables to operate in urban areas with complex electromagnetic environment. The NR 900S is first detector that is capable of inspecting active electronic targets working in electronic interference conditions.

Areas of application:
• Detection of mobile phones at 2m distance;
• Searching of Improvised Explosive Devices (electronic control systems of IEDs) at background of in electronic interference conditions;
• Detection of hidden electronic devices during TCSM operations.

Product specifications

Type of a probing signal Pulse
Probing signal frequency range 890-891 MHz
Output power average 0.4 W
peak 1.5 W
Probing signal power attenuation 9 dB (3 steps x 3 dB)
Receivers sensitivity -140 dBm
Receiver input signal attenuation 40 dB (4 steps x 10 dB)
Antenna, polarization directional, circular
Indication Audio (headphones) & LED display
Target localization accuracy 2m
Power supply Li-ion rechargeable battery, 7.4 V
Continuous operational time 2 h
Weight ready for operation 1.2 kg