• Absolute safety (sanitary-hygienic certificate);
• Accurate detection of ultra-miniature electronic devices, which are problematically detected by metal detectors;
• Confident detection of small-sized targets in a wide range of embedding environments (including wet environments);
• Precise identify cations at fast rate of sweep;
• Single body construction, no detachable connections or cables.

Product Description

The NR-CHP is the special compact version of non-linear junction detector intended for searching of prohibited electronic devices (including voice recorders, mobile telephones, SIM-cards, digital memory devices or covert eavesdropping electronics),as well as fire arms. It can also be used for detection of improvised explosive devices (IED electronic control systems) in hand luggage or on the individual’s body. The NR-CHP is stable against complex electromagnetic interference from the city environment. The detection range for SIM (UIM) card is up to 0.5m, for mobile phone is up to 1m.

Product specifications

Type of modulation Pulse-amplitude modulation
Mode of operation “Search”
Output power (average) 200 mW
Power supply 2 Soshine batteries 18650 3,7 V
Continuous operating time 4 hours
Weight ready for operation 1.2 kg