ST 165 Wireless protocol detector

ST 165 is designed for detection and identification of mobile radio transmitters of cellular communications standards:

• Cell phones and modems of GSM 900/1800 and 3G standards;
• Wi-Fi devices and wireless 2,4 GHz video cameras;
• Bluetooth devices;
• Cordless phones (DECT).

ST 165 allows user to set the UMTC frequency according to local standards.

Product Description

ST 165 is a direct conversion receiver with digital control and a color OLED display for data output. In order to detect signals the ST 165 scans a series of frequency ranges of the known transmission standards. The user can set up the detection threshold and the number of desired frequency bands. Signals identification is performed on basis of analysis of detected signals time parameters.

Additionally indication of base stations power signal strength and data exchange intensity is provided.

ST 165 has 3 operation modes:
Automatic mode is used for signal detection recording events in the event log. The device provides scheduled operation.
Manual mode is used for localization of detected radio devices and set the threshold levels for further operation in Automatic mode.
Event log view mode is used for viewing the recorded events. The device has 30 databanks; each bank contains memory for 999 events.

Special software (comes with the device) allows doing the following:
• Display graphic of real-time of operation and event log results
• Manage the events database
• Control the operation of the device directly from PC using the USB connection or via ETHERNET

Product specifications

Frequency range 453 – 468 MHz (with ST165.CDMA)
890 – 960 MHz
1710 – 1900 MHz
1942 – 2142 MHz
2400 – 2485 MHz
Sensitivity 890 – 960 MHz – 75 ± 10 dBm
1710 – 1900 MHz – 70 ± 10 dBm
1942 – 2142 MHz – 80 ± 10 dBm
2400 – 2485 MHz – 70 ± 10 dBm
Threshold adjustment range 60 dB
Out-of-band attenuation 50 dB
Display Color OLED 169х128
Power supply Li-Pol battery 3,6 V
Current consumption 210 mA
Current ST165.CDMA antenna consumption 45 mA
Dimensions 90х54х21 mm
Dimensions ST165.CDMA antenna L=100, d=16 mm
Weight 150 g