ST 167 Search receiver

ST 167 is a superheterodyne receiver, designed for detection and identification of analog and digital transmitters working between 40MHz and 6GHz including the following:
• Cell phones and modems of SDMA 450, GSM 900/1800, 3G, 4G (LTE)
• Wi-Fi devices and wireless 2,4 GHz video cameras
• Bluetooth devices
• Cordless phones (DECT)

The device can detect GSM and GPS jammers as well as indicate base stations’ signals level.

“ST167 ANALYZER” Software expand the funktionality of the detector

Product Description

ST 167 provides continuously for 24 hours automatic monitoring of detected analog and digital radio signals. The information about the alarm events is recorded in the Event Log. Data transmission intensity analysis is provided for the WLAN standard.

The receiver allows user to detect, measure the frequency, demodulate (AM/FM) and locate the sources of analog signals, considering the preset threshold level and the scanning range.

Special software application “ST167 Analyzer” extends unit configuring possibilities, visualizing and saving the data.

The detection of analog radio transmitters’ signals is carried out by scanning a predetermined band in the frequency range from 25 to 6000MHz.

ST167 has a range of 4 operating modes:
The Automatic mode is used to continuous automatic monitoring of any detectable analog and user-selected  digital radio signals coming in and sets an alarm for the detection of any suspicious signal. All information about the alarm events is recorded in the Event  Log.
The Manual mode provides the ability to control one user selected DRT standard, locate its source and search for ART signals in the selected frequency range. This mode provides indication of the timeline, as well as the view of base stations levels.
The Search mode is used for the detection and location of analog and digital transmitters by moving the Detector.
Event log view mode is used to view the event log of the unit operation in the Automatic mode. The time and type of the event, its duration and the signal level are displayed.

Special software “ST167 ANALYZER” (comes with the device) allows you to do the following:
• Display graphic of real-time of operation and event log results
• Manage the events database
• Control the operation of the device directly from PC using the USB connection or via ETHERNET

Product specifications

Frequency range 25 – 6000 MHz
Threshold adjustment range 25 – 1000 MHz -80 dBm
1000 – 6000 MHz -55 dBm
Bandwidth 2, 5, 10,15, 20 Mhz
Dynamic range 65 dB
Frequency measuring accuracy 10 kHz
Display color OLED display, 169X128
Power supply Li-Pol battery 3,6 V
Current consumption not more than 500 mA
Dimensions 90 х 54 х 21 mm