UT-24 universal non-linear junction detector

• Affective radiated power (ERP) not less than 700W
• Precise selective target localization along with high operational efficiency
• Detects RC IED at long distance and resistant to a complex interference conditions of urban areas
• Radio-electronic devices detection behind reinforcing building structure
• Small target detection in various condition including high humidity
• Single-block design: no connectors or cables, antenna fixed on adjustable telescopic bar, lighting of inspected zone
• Efficient both for premises and terrain

Product Description

UT-24 is the most advanced and precise universal non-linear junction detector (NLJD) designed for multifunction searching for miniature eavesdropping devices. Operating within 2.4 GHz frequency range and probing signal power from 180mW to 18W, the UT-24 provides increased inspection efficiency at a long distance with SIM-card detection at up to 1 m. Moreover, the system performs deep signal penetration into building structures compatible with NLJDs operating within 900MHz, enabling small target detection under various ambience conditions including high humidity.

The device employs highest level of sensitivity and, in combination with selectivity, performs fast search with lowest possibility of false alarms. The system is resistant to strong interference conditions of urban areas.

The UT-24 system was designed with the core idea of decreasing operator stress and fatigue via providing maximum automatic analysis without overloading them with indication data.
The device has audio and 16-points LED visual indication bundled with fully automatic search mode that allows operator to concentrate on search process without being distracted by any LCD screens, spectrum views analysis, sounds or other useless indication.

The system’s ergonomics were designed in deep cooperation with TSCM representatives from Internal Security Authority, Ministry of Defence special operations department and engineering troops in order to make it easy to use during sustained operations.
Two-level telescopic bar and two-dimensional motion antenna adjustments allow inspection of even hard to reach places.

The delivery set includes commercially available 18650 series rechargeable batteries that provide up to 5 hours of continuous operation. The device is delivered in shock proof metallic case for easy transportation by operator.

The UT-24 can detect the following:
• mobile phone & SIM card detection.
• electronic components of remote control improvised explosive device (RC IED) investigation eavesdropping device and other unauthorized electronic appliance detection and localization.

Product specification

Probing signal frequency 2432 MHz
Modulation AM-pulse
Output power maximal pulse power 17 W
searching mode 200 mW
Probing signal output attenuation 12 dB (8 steps x 1.5 dB)
Receiver input signal attenuation  -40 dB (4 steps 10 dB)
Operational modes General search, 20K
Precise probing signal output adjustment -15 dB in 1 dB step
Indication Audio (headphones) & LED display
Power supply  Li-Ion rechargeable battery,  7.4 V
Continuous operation time searching mode 4 h
20K 1.5 h
Weight ready for operation 2.2 kg
standard packing 5.5 kg